Roghaiyeh Ansari received her B.S. in Electrical Engineering. She completed her Master of Science in Electrical Engineering at University of Tabriz. After working as an intern for an energy consulting company and as product development engineer in industry for one and half years she joined Energy Lab of Dr. Heath Hofmann. She received her Master of Engineering degree at Energy Systems Engineering from University of Michigan with focus of research on mathematical modeling, simulation of Surface Mount Permanent Magnet Machines (SMPM) and developing a novel and high-performance controller for SMPMs allowing them to work in a high speed regime. She is a PhD student working with Dr. Alexander Leonessa as an advisor and Dr. Nicole Abaid as a co-advisor. Her research includes designing an EEG-based closed loop controller, evaluating the controller by analyzing data from recorded brain signals using 64- channel EEG which noninvasively measures the voltage across the scalp using a series of electrodes and investigating the effect of sounds on working memory. She also held several leadership positions in University of Michigan's Energy Club and in Virginia Tech's Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student Council (MEGSC). Outside of the lab, She enjoys yoga, cooking, dancing and hiking.


Roghaiyeh Ansari