Walter O'Brien ME Graduate Symposium

Several graduate students from the TREC Lab participated in this year's Walter O'Brien ME Graduate Symposium. Alex Fuge won "Best Poster" for his project, "Mechanical Design of 3D-Printed Humanoid Robotic Platform: PANDORA." Other poster presentations from the lab included "Improving Performance of Powered Exoskeleton Control Through Shared Autonomy" (Ben Beiter), "In-situ Calibration for 3D Printed Bipedal Robot using Force Simulation from CAD Modeling" (Tung Xuan Le), "Ongoing Development of an Upper Body Exoskeleton (EXO) Emulator" (Carlo Canezo and Melanie Hook), and "ForceBot: A Robotic Platform for Body-Scale Human Physical Interaction in Embodied Virtual Reality" (An-Chi He)."
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