The Terrestrial Robotics Engineering & Controls (TREC) Lab at Virginia Tech was founded to study cutting edge mechanics and controls of robotic platforms. The research in the TREC lab is an interdisciplinary collaboration, combining the knowledge of experts in a wide range of fields, not limited to robotics, controls, mechanical design, ergonomics/human factors, computer science, and biomechanics. The TREC lab is known for our work in humanoid robotics, exoskeletons, and virtual reality. Our research is mainly focused on enhancing the physical assistance associated with human-machine interaction for smart living, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing and much more.

Dr. Alexander Leonessa

Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Professor of Health Sciences
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering (by courtesy)

Director, Terrestrial Robotics Engineering & Controls Lab

Virginia Tech, 227 Goodwin Hall, Blacksburg, VA 24061
Tel: 540-231-3268 
Email: leonessa@vt.edu

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